Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome! (The Intro Blog)

Welcome one and all! My name is Tesia (T-sí-uh) Dawn Carney and after some requests and thinking, I have decided to join the world of online blogging. The first thing I will post is my background so you all know how much I've been through just in my first few months of life alone. Since I have SO MUCH information on the first couple months, I'll just post a genaric e-mail I wrote and then I'll take any questions that you have and I will answer them more fully.  That way, no one has to be overwhelmed with tons of information.
So, here's my life up until I was eeh, almost 16.

*Takes big breath*
My birth Mother whos name is Dora Neil and birth Father whos name is Terry Marshall had sex before marage and I was the result not only me but my OLDER brother and sister. (Whom I believe are in there 20's by now)

I was born without breathing so they put a trach in me right away.

My vocal cords are broken which means I cant swallow anything without it going into my lungs.

My voice box is broken so I shouldn't be able to talk (although now they cant shut me up :-) )

Since I cannot swallow I cannot eat orally which means I have a tube in my stomach that I get my balanced food through

Which means I also cannot swim

My mom now was my nurse in the hospital which was the orphanige to me since I got sick so much.

She and Dad fell in love with me and 6 months after paper signing and permission form my indian tribe Creek which I am half on account of my dad who is full blood indian

And my parents saying good bye (even though my mom couldn't have me anyways condiering she took drugs which means my brother and sister got taken away form her by the state,

I was adopted.

When I was 14, I had a spinal fusion to correct my scoliosis.

Now, at nearly 19, I've been diagnosed with various things like ADHD, GAD, Congenital Vericella, Bilatteral Vocal Chord paralysis, ect.

I have a Gastrostomy Tube as well as a Tracheostomy. My eyes are actually two different colors, one blue eye and one green.

I am a very good writer (not a speller) and I know so much about Disney-from movie lines (mostly animated movies....the good stuff), to songs, to Disneyland Facts, to princesses- that I'm used as a resource for Disney questions among my family!

So, there is a VERY brief profile of myself--more will be revealed as you read my blog!

Enjoy, and feel free to post ANY questions you have for me, even if they sound stupid! I'm very patient and don't mind. :)

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